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Fundraising Priorities

2022 Priorities

Emergency Response Fund - With climate change, Caia District increasingly faces drought, floods, and extreme weather such as typhoons. These cause hardship and food insecurity for vulnerable local farmers, women and children. We have prioritized the need for a dedicated fund ready to provide support as soon as it is needed.

Solar Power Training - We are planning to send two women from Kapasseni to Zanzibar for a training course on how to install and maintain the new solar power systems.

Water Security - We need funds to drill the well deeper, purchase pipes and submersive pumps, and for construction of several ground tanks for substations.

Nurse's Residence - Three housing units are needed soon to accommodate more nurses and a pharmacist.

2021- Priorities are food support for Preschool children, completing repairs in Kapasseni village, scholarships for Post secondary students, bringing a larger solar power system to Kapasseni to run the computers and water desalinization. 

JOSEPH ALFAZEMA MEMORIAL FUND On May 11, 2019, the Caia Connection lost a founding member and pillar of work and inspiration. Joseph Khembo Alfazema passed away peacefully, with his family by his side in Edmonton. A special memorial fund has been established through Canada Helps for The Caia Connection. We will begin this building project soon.  The funds are raised but Perpetua would like to be on site when the project is started. Maybe next year if travel is permitted.

2020- We raised funds for the Distance Learning Centre in Kapasseni and Emergency support during Covid 19. Food was distributed to school children and families as schools and work places were closed. Our projects are on hold for awhile as we wait and see what can be done.

2019 -We sent $27,000CAD to Mozambique and food was purchased and distributed to families in Sena, Kapasseni and Chemba areas. Because of the major disaster in Beira, there was no food getting to remote areas so our help has been saved many lives. We plan to wrap up our fund raising efforts for this disaster as other areas are now becoming a priority. We will continue to send any donations that do come in for food to Kuwangisana t distribute. Thank you so much!

Emergency Disaster Relief Funds

UPDATE March 19 / 2019: Call for help after flood and Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. By now, you have likely seen the harrowing news reports from Mozambique and the devastating impact of Cyclone Idai, which hit on the heels of major flooding last week. The majority of the main city, Beira, was destroyed and more than a million people are affected and/or displaced.We are reaching out to our supporters for help in the immediate and future need for relief, and to provide updates. Some of you have already reached out to us with donations and inquiries on how to help. Thank you.It has been difficult to reach anyone in the affected areas for updates, especially in the smaller rural areas. We have had a few updates from Perpetua, who is in contact with friends in Beira and her brother, Job, in Sena:Heavy winds and rain floods in Sena and Kapasseni have destroyed many houses and crops. Many people are without food or clean drinking water. Water-borne diseases are on the rise. There is no train or transport for now. *Note: The World Food Program said in a release it is trying to reach people in the Caia District and surrounding areas.The nursing students in Beira are safe and helping where they can. The house they are staying in is partially roofed, so they are sticking to that side. There is no clean water and food is in short supply.We haven't been able to reach Gabriel, who was in Maputo for meetings, but we think he is trying to get home. He's in our thoughts and we'll post an update when we hear from him.Firsthand accounts of the situation in Beira are not good. Job said it is like a "ghost city," still in darkness, with no electricity. There is no reliable mobile network. Passenger and cargo trains are on hold, under water and waiting for repairs. There is no official death toll but it could be close to 1,000 if not more. Perpetua said she has never heard of destruction like this before.We will post more updates as they become available. If you would like to help, please donate. The Caia Connection will continue to support our work with the Kuwangisana Organization as it works in many rural impoverished areas including Kapasseni by raising emergency funds for basic necessities as food, water and water treatment, shelter, medicine and seeds. See donation page information

On going needs:

Scholarships (high school)  A donation of $350 pays for a student to go to high school or Young Africa for a year.

 Scholarships (post-secondary)  This year we are providing 9 scholarships for Kapasseni students in post-secondary education. Scholarship funds are needed for January 2019 students.

 Building Funds  Building funds will go to construct and equip the new Community Learning Centre in Kapasseni. Let's finish this as soon as possible so more kids can attend high school in their own community ! Funds will be needed in 2019 to purchase computers, solar equipment, desks, tables, chairs etc.

 Progress Grants Mozambique  Donations to this exciting new program help graduates to start community projects.

 Food Support  Donations will go to breakfast programs for orphan and preschool programs.

 Seeking Knowledge Library  Donations will be used to purchase books and assist with library costs.

 Agriculture  Specific donations can be made to help the moringa farm and the processing plant.

 Traditional Music Program  Funds are used to provide instruments and teachers for traditional music and dance.



Traditional music program - The music program provides therapy and healing for children recovering from the grief and trauma of losing their parents.


Seeking Knowledge Library - Students, adults, people from far away are coming to Sena to read and use the library. Funds are needed to purchase books and to pay a librarian.



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