The Caia Connection 



The Caia Connection Board of Directors


President - Siobhan Robinson

Siobhan Robinson is founder and co-director of The Gettin' Higher Choir, a 350-voice community choir in Victoria. Since 1999, the choir has held annual benefit concerts for projects in Caia District of Sofala province in Mozambique.  Siobhan visited Kapasseni, Sena and Caia in 1999, and following her return trip in 2003 she identified the great need for programs to help orphans in Caia.  She serves on the boards of the Ubuntu Choirs Society ( and Hollyhock (, and was an advisor to the Kapasseni Project Committee.


Treasurer - Carol Kerr

Carol has assisted the Kapasseni Project since 2001. She communicates regularly with all of the Kuwangisana program areas in Mozambique, and is very familiar with the local management team. Carol develops proposals, does Caia Connection reporting, and assists communication with funding partners and the program management team.


Planning and Communications - Ian McLachlan

Ian McLachlan has over twenty years experience as a professional economist and senior manager in public service and the private sector, working in the areas of natural resources, land use and the environment.  He has been involved with planning and communications with the Kapasseni Project since it started in 1999. Ian brings a variety of skills to the Caia Connection board, as well as a passion for helping the people of Mozambique. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.  


Blaise Salmon -Strategic Advisor

Blaise Salmon has worked for Oikocredit, a global microfinance provider, and RESULTS Canada, a global poverty advocacy group. He currently serves on the boards of several non-profit volunteer-based organizations working in Africa.


Keith Archer

Keith brings considerable board experience with many non-profit organizations, and has an active interest in community development. Keith joined the board following his move to Victoria from Banff.


Secretary - Jo Volek

Jo has joined our Board of Directors and been very helpful part of our team in assisting with Secretary and Treasurer duties. She is a great liason between the Board and The Gettin' Higher Choir and Wavelengths Choir.

Sarah Petrescu - Member at Large

Sarah has been an extremely helpful addition to our Board. She is an excellent journalist and her writing skills have helped with our annual newsletter and updates to social media. Sarah visited Sena and Kapasseni in 2009 and wrote major articles in the newspaper about the work being done.



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